Gotv gocoda

GOtv satellite TV is the place to find African television channels and loads of family entertainment. It gives an assortment of local and international which come in various GOtv packages. After obtaining a GOtv decoder, you will have to activate it in order for you to be able to use it. For GOtv activation, you will use the unique IUC number which is found under the decoder on a red sticker. This IUC number is also important for subscription payments when utilizing the GOtv self-service payment and additionally, when contacting GOtv customer care.

There are different mouthwatering GOtv payment packages available for their subscribers, and if you are not one, you will be really sure that you are missing out a lot of stuff. GOtv Kenya has three main packages and these include:.

The level of access also depends on the bouquet. Those who subscribe to the GOtv plus package can access more channel categories than the Value package and Lite subscribers.

Here is a GOtv bouquet analysis featuring packages offered by GOtv, the number of channels carried and their prices. The present market price for a GOtv decoder and antenna is Ks 2, The Gotv starter kit will gift you with one month totally free GOtv Plus subscription.

The joy will nonetheless come up when you first subscribe since you will be able to access over forty local and international channels. GOtv Plus cost higher amount among the three since it is the premium bouquet while the gotv Lite remains the cheapest. With the GOtv Lite package from the company, you only have to part ways with as little as Ks after every four months.

You will get access to several local channels and a couple of weird international TV stations.

gotv gocoda

There are three gotv payment options available for GOtv Lite package; you could opt to pay monthly, quarterly or even yearly for your GOtv bouquet. Worth mentioning here also is the GOtv plus packages which are the utmost premium package, meaning subscribers get an access to more TV and radio channels. These extra channels include. Good news is that you can easily pay for GOtv packages at the convenience of your bed.The easiest way to recharge your GOTV monthly subscription is by using your mobile phone.

These days, almost everything can be done with your cell phone. I remember in those days, decoder subscription can only be done in their offices and dealer outlets. Everything has changed now for good. You can now recharge your decoder such as GOTV with just your mobile phone.

Are you finding it difficult to recharge or renew your subscription on GOTV? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here in this post, you will be shown the easiest ways to pay for your GOTV subscription with just your phone.

While going through this guide, if you encounter an issue, kindly place a comment below okay? Am I correct? Do not worry, I will walk you through the process of renewing your GOTV plan using the following steps. Alternatively, you can use the GTB mobile app platform to either renew or recharge your plan. Do not worry. In case you need some of these GoTV tricks right in your email box, kindly share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then, leave your comment below this post and ensure you fill out the full name and email space too.

First, share this post either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the buttons below. When we confirm you actually shared it, we will respond. Good luck. I need them… My email is filled below I will really appreciate. Alternatively, you can use other methods of renewing your GoTV. Example, through the GTBank mobile app.

GOTv Max Channels: List of Channels on GOTv Max Package

Put now l need to change it to my own phone number to enable me to be making easy payment with my phone. I wish you can make it snapy. How,because have been trying to subscribe with my phone using my uba account but its not working. I try to use first Bank ussd code to recharge my GOtv but am being asked recipient bank, how do I know recipient bank? Can I recharge my gotv by loading airtime on my mobile phone and transfer it?

If so I need the code to do so. I tried all my names to no avail. I then called one Kevin that sold it to me for assistance.

How to open your GOtv account and activate your channels

His response was not expected from someone representing your Company. He ended up telling me to request for his bank details for a transfer to enable him do that for me and that I should not call his line again for that. Please, tell me what to do without having to do anything with this guy. Hi Ugonna, Visit this page to contact Gotv customer support. I face this kind of issue when I bought my Gotv decoder too.The light on my Gotv remote is always on.

If I press any button it doesn't work,rather the remote automatically changes channels. Secondly, help me clear the mail icon on the screen without a remote. Thank you. Okay Edward, for some reason the point on the remote panel that gives signal for channel change is always in contact This is why the light is always on. Try to release those two buttons by lifting it up or by opening it.

gotv gocoda

That's the only issue with the remote. Solve it and everything will be fine. Then you can go to messages in the mail, open the message and the mail icon will be removed.

We are still looking for of way of removing the mail icon without the gotv remote. Happy Sunday! I just bought a new GOtv decoder but the remote control stopped working after 24 hours, the lights started blinking for some seconds and stopped working totally. Hello Michael, according to GOtv terms and conditions for my country, GOtv will only give a refund in form of a subscription period equal to the amount of damage caused by their "gross negligence or willful default. But before you do anything, make sure the battery is working, it doesn't matter if you just bought it, just be sure it's working.

Then try to talk to the dealers. If it does not work, try to fix it with the steps outlined in the article above or go for the last solution - buy a new gotv remote. When press,the green light will show but the decoder will not respond,I don't know why.

We have carefully listed possible reasons for this in the article above. Please read the article, make sure everything is in place and let us know if the problem persists. Have you tried to fix it using the procedure in the article above?Address e. Lot e. Plan e. RP :. Latitude e. Longitude e. Interpreting the results Type of address The type code indicates that the geocode represents: PC - the center of the land parcel BC - the center of the building PAP - the property access point from a road TGP - Temporary geocode point.

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Google Maps SmartMap Address enquiry.GoTV Packages and their various prices coupled with the various channel list in Nigeria is going to be our focused keyword. The GOtv Lite is package is targeted to old existing subscribers and they offer more than 20 interesting channels. The installation cost of DSTV is far bigger than GoTV which requires almost nothing to install it and this is due to it does not require a satellite dish.

As one of the most popular and the cheapest cable TVs in Nigeria, GoTV has tried as much as they can to continuously reduce the price of their decoder to keep winning the heart of more Nigerians.

Despite being cheap, they still have one of the best signals and endeavor to connect their users with the latest happenings around the globe. Though your period of purchase and place also depends. We mentioned earlier that the cable TV offers various flexible subscription packages and they are available in four different types.

If you are an old subscriber, you will remember they only offered 2 packages to their viewers. The packages are categories in a way that allows both the big and the small to participate. Below are the available four packages. This package is the base GoTV package which allows viewers to access up to 23 top-notch international and local channels. Below are the 23 channels you can access on this GoTV package.

This is among the four GoTV packages and it is actually the second after the base package. This package offers 40 channels designed with family in mind. The package cost N1, Naira for 30day 1 Month with both local and international channels.

Gotv Decoder + 1 Months Gotv Max Subscription - Black

Below are the various channels these GoTV packages offer. You will find more sports channels than the two already mentioned and it cost N1, Naira for 30 days 1 Month. Below are the all the 57 channels this package features. With this package, you can access 63 channels which include both international and local channels.

This package cost N3, for 30 Days 1 Month. Below are all the channels that these packages offer. A Tech Evangelist, lover of all creatures, a Philanthropist, the unknown voice behind that great accomplishments Loves to Keep it on the low.As we all know, GoTV is very popular in most African countries as a result of its services availability and their competitive pricing model.

It is a detailed tutorial and guide on how to install or setup the GoTV decoder and antenna for better service reception. To be able to install or setup your GOTV services correctly, you need to have these basic tools on standby. You can now safely proceed to how to install the decoder and start exploring the channels on your default subscription pack. Using SMS Short-codes : If you are unable to connect to the internet, then you should try this method.

Now send the SMS to Your country short-code. List of all the available country short-codes is presented in the table below. If all these GOtv activation methods fails to work for you, you can simply dial gotv customer care numbers to get in touch with their support staff.

It was created and published by GOtv some years back. Click the play icon below to watch the GOtv installation tutorial video. It would also come in handy for students that are tapping from their distant neighbors.

Step 2 : Use a sharp cutting tool A knife, razor blade or an electronic cutter would be enough to carefully remove the outer cover of the cable and that of the inner insulator as seen in the screenshot below. Step 3 : Carefully place the RG6 Twist-On F-Connector screw to the surface and repeat step 1 to 3 on the other end of the coaxial cable. Step 4 : Fit in the screws to both end of the F-type coaxial cable joiner to complete the process.

gotv gocoda

Your coaxial cable is joined correctly and would hardly cause distortion. Irrespective of whichever method you choose to activate your GoTv decoder with, the decoder will be properly activated if you follow the processes correctly. The tutorial is aimed at guiding you on how to install a GOtv digital terrestrial TV services by yourself.

Even though it is provided without any guarantee, it should be able to help anyone install GOtv services by themselves.

How to Convert Your GOTV Decoder to a Free To Air Decoder

I have being using GOtv for a while now and I have been experiencing some problems searching for network what would be d possible cause of it. It start afresh as if am installing for the first time, plz I need a solution to this. Good afternoon customer care, above are my details and I just activated yesterday Sept. Help me on how I will connect my gotv.

I Also need the Pdf tutorial on how to install GOtv. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sign in. Log into your account. Our Terms and Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password?

Get help. All Automobiles Concept. All Marketing Social Media. Top Video Sharing Sites of Content Outline:. Fix auto scan not finding channels with this checklist. What exact problem are you having when trying to search for networks? Thanks for the tutorial.You can no longer turn your GOtv decoder into a full-fledged free to air decoder.

The best you can do is subscribe to the GOtv Lite package that gives you a couple of local channels and other interesting channels to keep your days filled up.

You can take the:. I bought a GOtv decoder, about a year ago and I was impressed at what it had to offer at the time.

I would say it is mostly because there was no competitor with fairer prices. Even if that was not the case, they used to air premier league matches on SuperSport Select 2, more than they do now.

A couple of months down the line, a lot has changed for the better, except Gotv. I opted to turn my decoder into a free to air decoder, as they had given this option, instead of paying for what I did not need. At first I was told that I had only to pay Ksh1, administration fee, for my decoder to be converted before I can begin watching free to air channels.

The thing is that, their staff is very reluctant to make the change, but I somehow managed to do it. However, if you are not aware, changing your GoTV decoder from pay TV to free to air does not mean that you will stop paying for it.

It actually attracts a recurring fee of Ksh1, every year, for purposes they can only describe as maintenance. Nevertheless, I know many people are currently facing a problem that I faced some time back and I would quickly try to help them using a method that worked for me. First, you need to top up your account by making payments on the GoTv Kenya Paybill number: If you only pay and fail to use any of the two options above to contact their customer care, your decoder will not be converted.

Before you make the call, make sure that you have your IUC number, as it is essential to associate your account with the decoder. Converting your decoder should be easy unless you find a customer care agent who is not in a good mood to help.

Within a short time, your decoder will be showing free to air channels. I have heard of people who, after converting their decoders to free to air, got an error message E — Service is currently scrambled.

It is very simple to clear this message.

Gotv gocoda